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Best Cutting Hair Men’s

by SB Bappy


Cutting Hair Men’s

Haircutting is an art form. There are many ways to achieve great hairstyles. Each approach is different.

While stylists will be different, there are some principles that every barber and stylist can use to speed up and improve the quality of cutting hair for men.

Best Cutting Hair Men's

Best Cutting Hair Men’s

How Cutting Hair Men’s?

It is easy to trim the hair of a man’s head if you are attentive and patient. Hair-cutting scissors or electric clippers are options. Ask your man what length he prefers for his hair. Also, ask him how evenly he would like it cut. Finally, tell him how you plan to style your hair. Trust your instincts and be confident. You can improve your skills by practicing.

Things You Need to Know

  • Ask him about his hairstyle preferences so that you can choose the right look for his face and hair volume.
  • The best clipper attachment for the cut you are giving is the one that suits your needs. The cut will be shorter if the guide number is less than 1.
  • Pull the hair up with your fingers. For a neat, even cut, trim the hair just above your pinched fingers.
  • Combine the clipper and scissor cuts with a shear over-comb technique.


How to prepare for a cut

  • Discuss his hairstyle and cut preferences with the man. It’s crucial that you get to know your man before you start cutting. You may be asked to trim the ends of his hair, or he might want to do everything.
  1. Cut men’s hair into seven parts. This includes the top, left side and right side. This will allow them to tell you how much hair they would like to remove from each section.
  2. It should be a conversation. Continue to ask the man for his feedback as you cut his hair. You can give him a mirror, either wall-mounted or handheld, so he can inspect the cut and ask him periodically if it is short enough.
  • Select a haircut that suits the face of the man and how much hair he has L. A man who has lost his top hair may like the look of Don Draper, but might be disappointed when he attempts to achieve the same look.
  1. Men with fuller hair tend to have more dramatic styles.
  2. Thinning hair is more effective for those with more conservative hairstyles.
  3. A man’s current haircut is not necessarily indicative of the one he will eventually choose. People will often come in for a haircut if their hair is not laying right.
  • Be patient and take your time. If you are new to the industry, it is important that you don’t rush when you cut hair. Also, you don’t want any stimulant in your system. It will cause your hands to become unsteady and disrupt your concentration.
  • Prepare the area. Make sure your hands can reach his head comfortably with your hands. To keep his hair from falling off, cover him with a towel, a bed sheet or barber’s cape. To ensure that the sheet doesn’t fall off, pin it or clip it around his neck. You can cover his neck with a neck strip that you can purchase at your local beauty supply shop.
  1. It is important to choose a floor surface that is easy to clean. There are many great options, including concrete, tile, wood and linoleum. The carpet, especially thicker ones, will swallow any hair clipped and make it difficult to clean up. Hair-cutting is possible in bathrooms, kitchens, or patios.
  2. You should use a pair that is specifically designed for cutting hair. You won’t get the results you desire with scissors that are made for cutting fabric or paper.
  • Wash your hair before you start cutting. This is crucial: If you’re using an electric clipper, you should start with dry hair. If you use only scissors, it is better to work with slightly damp hair. Towel dry hair gently if it is too damp.
  • Comb through his hair with a comb. This will give you an idea of how to cut it. You can style your hair however you like: Some men prefer to comb the hair on the right side, while others prefer it down the middle.
  1. A man who can’t get the comb and comb to the root without it getting caught is usually in need of a haircut.
Best Cutting Hair Men's

Best Cutting Hair Men’s


Trimming with Clippers

  • Get a clipper attachment. The clippers can be used to trim the hair on the sides and back of the head, clean up the ears, and even to buzz the whole head to an uniform length. Blade-guard attachments are used to control the length of hair cut. The attachment’s length determines how much hair is cut. It’s common for men to have preferences about the guard they use. Ask him if he has a favorite. Six guides are included in most clipper sets. The guide number is the lower, the shorter the hair will be.
    1. To keep it a bit longer, use a six.
    2. For a classic cut, use a three- or four.
    3. A two is for a close cut and a one is for a buzz cut.
  • Grab the clippers between your thumbs and first two fingers. You should feel secure and firm in your grip. These clippers don’t require you to do any fancy things. You might even hurt someone.
  • Clip at the base of the head. Run the clippers through the hair, starting at the nape of the neck. End the cut at about half the height of the head. To finish the cut, turn the clippers upwards and outward. Always work around the sides and cut in the opposite direction of the hair’s growth.
    1. Slowly work your way around the head. Be careful around the ears. The top can be left for the scissors.


  • Position the back of your head. Keep the existing hairline intact and trim any stray hairs. The blades should be turned upside down and pressed perpendicularly to the head. Make sure you get the rattail in the middle. The person who does the line should ask the recipient to look down in order to make a good cut and then to see what the finished product will look like.
  • Line up both sides. While the sides are more difficult than the back, the goal is to get the lineup out of the ears. The blade of the clippers should be turned on its side. Cut from the back to cut against the grain. The blades should be tilted at an angle to fade in.


Trimming the top and bangs

  • Lightly dampen the top of the man’s head and comb forward. Spray the uncut hair with a spray bottle. As if the hair were between his eyes, comb the hair forward. If you feel the need, you can also use clips to section your hair.
    1. For a neat cut, you should cut perpendicularly to the direction of your hair. If his hair is pointing downwards (vertically), trim it horizontally along the back of his head.

    2. Do not cut one large section with the entire scissor knife. For cutting in small spurts, you can use tips or scissor knives. Cut only a small amount at a given time if you are nervous. If you feel the need to, you can always make more cuts.

  • Cut the top. Start at the back and work forward along the imaginary line. Comb up a section of about half an inch. You can pinch the hair between your middle and index fingers and then slide your fingers down or up to the length that you prefer. The hair below your fingers will remain on the man’s head, while the hair above will be cut. Use hair-cutting scissors to trim the hair so it doesn’t appear uneven or blunt.


  • Start at the front and comb your hair backward. Now you should see the difference in length. Always hold a section of the cut hair between your fingers when cutting new hair. This will allow you to use the section as a guide.
  • Blend the head. Draw another imaginary line. As a guide, use the previous cut to create a second “line” either to the right or left. Start cutting again from the back of your head to the front. As a guide, use the section you have just trimmed and trim any hairs that extend beyond that point. Keep cutting from the front to the back. Always take a little of the previous section as a guide.
  • Trim his hair. Once you reach his front, comb his bangs. If you haven’t asked him, ask him how long his bangs should be. With the tips facing up, hold the scissors vertically and make small cuts with the points. Cut at an angle for better blending.
    1. When trimming bangs, don’t get too close to your hair. Take a step back and look at the whole picture.
    2. Avoid bangs. The “golden rule”, or “golden rule”, is “Once it’s cut, it’s gone.” Remember that you can only cut more, but cannot add it back. So be careful where you are cutting.
    3. Be sure to keep your bangs damp but dry them. Dry hair can cause it to fly and fray ends. Curly hair can shrink as much as 4 inches (10.2cm) once it dries. Straight hair can shrink up to 1 1/ inch (3.8 cm). Avoid cutting bangs if you’ve never done it before.


Best Cutting Hair Men's

Best Cutting Hair Men’s


Mixing and finishing the cut

  • Mix scissor cuts and a clipper. Use the fine-toothed end of your comb to comb upwards at the intersection of the clipper cut and the scissor. The scissors can be used to trim any hair sticking out of the comb. This technique is known as the shear-over comb technique. You should work all around the head.
    1. Use the comb with your teeth facing up.


  • Trim his neck, sideburns, and hair around his ears with a clipper without attachment. You can trim his sideburns by looking at him from the front and checking that they are even. You should start at the top, and then work your way down.
    1. You can trim his beard if he asks. You can either use a razor for a close shave or a clipper without an attachment for a rough shave. Ask your client how long he would like his beard to be, and then choose the right attachment for you. To evenly trim his beard’s longest hairs, you can use scissors.


  • Make sure you trim the entire head one more time. Check to ensure that you don’t miss any areas. Use scissors or clippers to smoothen any areas that aren’t perfect. Ask the man to look at your work in the mirror and give feedback. If necessary, you can always make more. Finish the cut.
  • Shampoo his hair once more to remove any hair clippings. Dry his neck and hair with a towel. To remove any loose hairs, you might briefly blow-dry his neck. If the man asks, you can add styling products.
  • Clean the floor before you allow him to get out of his chair. Make sure to take a moment to collect all hair clippings in a small pile. This is an important safety precaution as hair can make the floor slippery. Afterward, wash your comb/scissors/shaver.
    1. If he doesn’t have shoes on, his hair can get through his socks.
    2. If the man is wearing shoes, his hair could stick to the soles and be pulled around the house.


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